Tips for House Remodeling

home renovation

Readers of this article are probably shaking their head thinking a kitchen and bath remodeling is needed in their home, but with the holiday’s fast approaching, maybe this is not the time to attach such a major undertaking – wrong! This is the perfect time if you know some simple ways to make fast changes to make your kitchen more, well, usable and beautiful and get some of those Oohs and Aaahs. If you have questions feel free to consult with professionals.


If you are like most people the lady of the house would most likely allow a kitchen remodel to make life happier and easier. Yes, it could get expensive, but you can improve the look and function with an investment where you don’t have to reach for the aspirin bottle. Here is a list that will help.

* Declutter – If you can’t afford to “redo” something, “undo” as much excess you don’t need as possible.
* Paint – If you are confused about color go online to Pinterest and look at some pictures and if you see a color scheme you like, it means your kitchen is currently kind of dated.
* Upgrade your faucet to touchless. Hands-free faucets are easy to use for kids and seniors. Get new cabinets with drawers that are soft and quiet. Finally, organize and make the most of unused space.



If you have young children and a small hallway bathroom, as well as a comfortable master bathroom, here is how to renovate that smaller bathroom that has limited space. Your decision now will be what size sink and cabinets you choose.

* The vanity will take up most of the room so you have two options. Think European design and consider a sink and cabinet that attaches to the wall and get rid of the older one that hits the door; it’s better and more efficient than a pedestal sink. Just make sure the “sink and cabinet” combo doesn’t look boxy. And use a light color, not dark.

* Shower and Tub – These days you can buy an affordable shower set-up with a nice hand-held shower. And to be even more clever, you can add a small shower bench and one of those rain shower heads.

Bathroom Lighting – Nothing opens up space like new lighting. Old homes didn’t have a light above the shower, but if you add one to your home, it will make the room look larger. And if you’re tiling the walls, choose the right color tile. Some tiles offer classic designs like subway tiles or ones that are oriented horizontally.