Remodeling: What To Choose

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Remodeling: Colors To Pick, Lighting Fixtures, or Accessories

What color do I use when I remodel my kitchen and bathroom? Order some home design magazines or pick them up at your larger retail stores. Go to your local home remodeling store and hike to the paint department. There you want to pick up color scheme cards. Take a few home and sit down. Write out the color you want your cabinets to be. Write down the color you want your floors to be. Write down the color you want your walls to be. Write down the color you want the countertops to be.

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In the magazines, try and find a floor plan that is similar to your kitchen and your bathroom shapes. Look at the color of the walls, the backsplash, and the cabinets. Those photo arrangements and your color scheme card will help you narrow down beautiful colors to use in your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. You will want to select from beautiful and fashionable colors. If your initial choice of colors was not the best color arrangement, just change your color scheme cards and not the paint that would be on your walls.

What about the lighting in your kitchen and bathroom? If the rooms are already dark, are you planning on buying better lighting fixtures? Do you want to stick with lighter colors in those rooms? Go back to the home remodeling store and look at ceiling and wall lighting fixtures. Do you prefer your lighting fixtures mounted to the ceilings and walls? Are your ceilings high enough that hanging light fixtures would look beautiful and hang safely?

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What about your window coverings? The window treatments need to be considered at the same time you are selecting the lighting for your rooms. The window treatments come in a rainbow of colors, material, and styles.

The hardest part is getting started and making time to go over to a home remodeling store. You will be spending about one-third of your time in stores and looking at magazine photographs. The creative time will take some time. Please enjoy your artistic and imagination time in designing your new kitchen and bathroom.