Why kitchen remodeling should be your first stop as a home owner

When you first move into your home there is likely a wide range of different home renovation projects that you can choose between. Other than repairs that are essential emergencies that you need to immediately address, the first point of focus for any home owner should be their kitchen. While this doesn’t mean that the kitchen needs to be immediately addressed in every home, as many homes have up to date modern kitchens, a kitchen renovation should be explored thoroughly with Southwestern Building Maintenance for a variety of reasons.

cookingYour kitchen is likely one of the most functional rooms in your home and one that is used multiple times a day, each and every day. Having an up to date kitchen that you like cooking in with modern appliances and functional components can allow you to cook better and allow you to reduce the time that you spend cleaning and maintaining your kitchen space. Modern dishwashers don’t need the same prewashing processes that older models do and these modern day appliances are more energy efficient than older models. Further, granite and quartz counter tops are easier to maintain and clean and last a lot longer than alternatives.

A well functioning kitchen can save you money by reducing the amount of times you eat out, and also lead to a healthier overall lifestyle for your family. If you enjoy your kitchen’s appearance and modern day appliances you are more likely to spend a significant amount of time there which is healthier than eating out in restaurants that often have very unhealthy options.

In addition your kitchen is a showpiece for your home and a place that is instantly striking to those who visit your home. Your kitchen, more than other parts of your home, is seen by guests at dinner parties and simply at home visits and having an modern looking kitchen can do wonders for your home.

A Modern Kitchen

kitchen renovationA modern and renovated kitchen can also increase the value of your home. Potential home buyers often pay more attention to the kitchen than any other room in your home and it is here where updating your kitchen pays the most in dividends. If you are considering selling your home or simply want to make it more marketable in case you sell in the future, an updated kitchen will make the difference between your home just being another option on the market and it selling quickly and for a high price.

The other side of all of this is that the kitchen is the most expensive room in your home to renovate and this is the large negative of having your kitchen renovated. Having said that, as outline above, the increase in your home’s value will typically increase well over what you invest in your kitchen remodeling and lead to a more functional and attractive space that you enjoy living in and which echoes the style of the home that you most feel comfortable with. For all of these reasons your kitchen should be the first room that you renovate in your home.