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The purpose of this site is primarily to keep you informed about my series of books under the general title The Art of the Conductor. I wrote four books in this series between 1975 and 1982; these were published by Lester and Orpen (Canada), Vanguard (U.S.), Macdonald and Jane’s (U.K.). Other publishers picked them up and put out editions in German, Russian and Japanese. All these editions have been out of print for some time.

I began to revise and expand the first four books in The Art of the Conductor series in 2006. The first volume to reappear in print was Sir Georg Solti: His Life and Music, with a complete Discography prepared in cooperation with Raymond McGill of Decca Records. A revised edition of Karajan was published in November 2007 in anticipation of celebrations around the world commemorating the 100th anniversary of Karajan’s birth (April 5th) in 2008. New editions of Stokowski and Bernstein will follow later in the year. Once updated editions of all four books are back in print, I will turn my attention to new titles. Please ‘stay tuned’ — as an old broadcaster would say — to this website for the latest information.

My books in print will be readily available from , , and less predictably from conventional book stores. You will find reviews of the revised editions in the Books & Discography section of this website.

Having taken the time to put together this platform to market my books, it made sense to use the site for related matters; for example, from time to time I will publish essays on conductors and conducting and reviews of recordings featuring important conductors. Special attention will be paid to conductors featured in my books. Anyone interested in new recordings by Solti, Karajan, Stokowski or Bernstein should check this site from time to time.

Other aspects of my career are also featured on this website. You will find pages devoted to my conducting and broadcasting activities, information about my recordings, and some background on my engagements as a Guest Speaker. Should your organization be interested in a talk on a specific musical subject, I would be pleased to discuss options with you.

In the News & Views section of this site you will find my blog posts, a number of which have been picked up by the web editions of Reuters, the Chicago Sun-Times, Austin American Statesman, Fox-News, and IBS.

Pease feel free to share your thoughts on music and musicians with me in the reply boxes at the end of each blog post. I will undertake to personally answer every inquiry or comment received. If you particularly like any of my posts, please take the time to click the “technorati” icon at the end of the blog and mark me as a “favorite!”

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Paul E. Robinson